A radio is a great thing for entertainment and keeping in touch with the world. Radios are cheap, portable and (depending on where you live) give you a great choice of stations to listen to.

Some radios (battery powered or wind-up) do not rely on mains electricity so you can use them in more places and it's good to have one in-case of a power cut.

A digital radio can give you a wider choice of stations than FM.

An internet radio provides access to an overwhelming number of stations from all over the world.

Some internet radios can playback media from your computer and/or media from a USB stick. With one of these you can listen to your whole digital music library.

Smart Radio?

In the same way that mobile phones took on the functions of other pocket sized electronic devices (calculator, camera, sat' nav', etc.) to become smart-phones, maybe radios will accumulate functions to become smart-radios.

Functions such as:

ADSL router,
Answer machine,
Baby monitor (one radio transmits, another receives),
Cordless telephone base,
Door bell (the part that goes bing-bong with the push-button talking to the radio via Bluetooth Low Energy),
Emergency light,
Energy monitor (the display part with the measuring part sending readings via Bluetooth Low Energy)
Kitchen scales,
Movement sensor (for intruder alarm),
NAS box,
Smoke and carbon monoxide detector,
Tempreature sensor (for use as a thermostat),
Weather station,
Web Cam,
Wireless charging pad (sit your phone on it and it charges up)

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